About Us


 Social Value Network has been in the industry of creating technology businesses from the ground up, eventually selling those startups to Fortune 500 companies.

At Social Value Network, it’s not just about venture capital: it's about understanding technology and the role it plays in a successful startup. We also know the importance of revamping the existing technology to compete in today's highly technical, ever-changing marketplace. 

We understand how to create the most value for entrepreneurs without the need to engage large, cumbersome venture capital firms that seek the majority ownership and require control of your ideas and passion.

Social Value Network is generous about sharing our knowledge, expertise, best practices, and insights in order to advance your ideas and your company. You can trust us to advise you on building your competitive and profitable business based on best practices and years of experience at doing what our company founders have done for themselves. We also believe in strategic partnership, but not at the expense of the entrepreneur.

Let Social Value Network help you change the way your business is done today and in the future.

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Contact us toll free at 1-866-300-8543 or locally at 901-260-4590.